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23 April




Career Webinar: How do we prepare for a salary negotiation? (In Spanish)

Jueves, 23 de Abril, 2015 19:00

On 23th April from 7pm we celebrate a new online Webinar about salary negotiation. When accepting a salary offer is important to know under what conditions we are offering the job. It's when some doubts, how to assess a salary offer? Should I consider the sector and activity? Is the fixed remuneration and variable remuneration? How do I know the exact number I receive? Does it affect the demand in the market for my profession? The salary is negotiable, are there alternatives? All these questions and more will be answered by our experts on the subject, for fixed remuneration: José Díaz Canseco (+Info) and variable remuneration: Alejandro Huerres, Labour Relations, HR Admin. and Health & Safety Manager Europcar (+Info)