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08 May




Coaching session: Time thieves (FT English Mad)

Viernes, 8 de Mayo, 2015 14:30

This 8th May from 14:30h have a new coaching session: Time thieves. How many times have you finished your workday with the feeling that you have done nothing? If you have this impression, in most cases the problem is due to the time spent on issues that are not important or interruptions (people, e-mail, phone calls, etc.), absurd meetings, lack of job specification, etc. and therefore, has not rendered during the period intended to work. You know what the cost of yielding to these situations? Time is irretrievable and irreplaceable and manage it is to manage life, which is key because it thieves contribute significantly to not achieve with our professional, personal, family and social objectives, indeed, give them means delaying or not achieve our desires and aspirations, in addition to removing quality time with our families, friends and ourselves. All this talk in this session aims to: • Detect and identify our thieves are internal and external time. • Incorporate new habits for a new time management • Practice and learn to prioritize what is urgent / important. To talk about this will accompany Pilar Rodriguez (+Info)