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10 March




Management Conference: Digital Trends of 2015 (in Spanish)

Martes, 10 de Marzo, 2015 12:00

On Tuesday 10th of March at 12:00 am, David Atanet Gómez, Digital Market Intelligence Manager, will present a Management Conference about digital trends of 2015, which will take place at EAE Madrid. Companies spend more time and money generating content than before. We are drowning in a sea of painful blogs, dense whitepapers and humorous videos. But, are not we a little obsessed with produce as much content as possible? Would not be it better to step back and to give people the choice of how they want to consume your amazing and inspiring content just created? Throughout the presentation,we will discuss the situation of the issues that most impact are having on Spanish and International markets: Status of eCommerce, Digital Advertising, New forms of payment, Big Data and social networks, among others. David Atanet Gómez, Digital Market Intelligence Manager (+Info) who help us to see these new trends as opportunities.