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02 December




Management Conference-The Next Business Frontier: From Space Tourism to Undersea Resorts

Martes, 2 de Diciembre, 2014 19:00

On Tuesday the 2nd of December at 19:00 p.m., we will continue with a new Management Conference. In this occasion Marsal Gifra, International Marketing Professor of EAE Business School, will discuss about The Next Business Frontier: From Space Tourism to Undersea Resorts. Investors are anxiously considering what industry will provide the next leap forward. In this keynote, Mr.Gifra will reflect upon the current business trends that are shaping up the future of companies and organizations, and also how technology is changing their marketplace. He will examine which new technologies have the edge, which corporations are players in the next game, what start-up companies have to do to become players, and how to judge for yourself which ones will have the best chances for success. Marsal Gifra is a business pioneer who has cultivated a unique expertise in founding and growing several innovative business ventures. Notable among these ventures are: Terra Networks (1998), the world’s largest spanish-language internet portal acquired by the telecom giant Telefonica; Latinia (2000), a pioneer company in providing the first interactive SMS-based services; Galactic Suite (2007); a first mover company in the emerging industry of space tourism. Currently he is involved in forming new ventures in the fields of media and communication, renewable energy, and space exploration.