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11 December




Webinar: International Career Development (English)

Jueves, 11 de Diciembre, 2014 19:00

On Thursday the 11th of December we will held a Webinar online session International Career Development. The aim is to give the main keys on international job search. The shortage of career opportunities in our country is causing an important change of mentality among professionals and graduates, who willing than ever to pack our bags and test the outdoor adventure. But coming to a new country without a fixed job and start from scratch is not easy. _What are the benefits? Where do I start? Must the curriculum have a certain format according to the country in which we apply for job? How do I know the equivalence of my undergraduate degree in the country you want to go?_
To answer these and other questions Isaac Vitini, Human Resources Director The Coca-Cola Company (+Info) and Jose Diaz Canseco Socio Director The human Touch will be at EAE (+Info).