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23 May




Webinar: Job Change

Jueves, 23 de Mayo, 2013 19:00

Next Thursday (May 23) we will be conducting a new Talent Development Webinar, online event organized by the careers service which aims to provide tools to improve the employability of students and alumni. For this occasion we will discuss about the main elements that come into play when you have a Job Change _How do we plan a job change? How do we define and differentiate? How to make a career change? How do I take place in the business market? I just changed to a different area, how should I deal with this change? My team now depends on another manager, how should I act? Now I'm responsible for my former colleagues, what should I do? I have lowered my professional status, how I assume the change? Now I manage the area of a colleague who has just been fired, how approach this situation? My company just had a shareholding change, how this situation impacts me?_ To answer these and other questions we will have the presentation of Gloria Villalba, Human Resources Manager and Headhunter of Conciliat Selection Spain "(+ INFO)":http://www.linkedin.com/pub/gloria-villalba/1/3b7/220 The session will be conducted in spanish Moderator: Jose Diaz Canseco, Managing Partner of The Human Touch and professor of EAE "(+ INFO)":http://www.linkedin.com/in/josecanseco