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20 November




Webinar: Win over with your CV (In Spanish)

Jueves, 20 de Noviembre, 2014 19:00

On Thursday 20th November, we will held a Webinar online session “Win over with your CV”. The aim is to give the main keys on job search tools. When you start a job search, you should know where to look for it and which is the best way to find it, but the most important thing you should know are the resources and job search tools and have a good command of their use to exceed the selection process and take advantage of employment opportunities. _Is my CV attractive for recruiters? What CV format should I use? What is the facet I should highlight? Where can I publish? How can I get to the companies? How do the recruiters sense my CV? Is it useful to develop a CV video resume? Is it more important to highlight my education or my work experience?_ To answer these and other questions José Díaz Canseco (+Info), Socio Director of The Human Touch and professor of EAE will come to the School. Moreover, we have two students as guests, whose CVs will be analyzed.