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12 March




Webinar with Pedro De Vicente, exprimiendolinkedin.com Author (In Spanish)

Jueves, 12 de Marzo, 2015 19:00

On Thursday the 12th of March at 7:00 pm, we celebrate a new online Webinar about Talent Development. At this time, Pedro De Vicente, exprimiendolinkedin.com Author, will discuss How do we get a good positioning in Linkedin?. The goal of the webinar is to show what possibilities have this social network to look for a job. Over 200 million of professionals have a profile on LinkedIn, it includes Senior Executives of large companies and successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, or thought leaders like Guy Kawasaki, Tonny Robbins or Daniel Goleman. But many of its members still use this network only when they need to look for a job. In fact, in the early years of LinkedIn, it was only used to contact former heads or coworkers, but over time, new features that greatly increase the chances of this social network have appeared. _What possibilities do linkedin offer you? How can we develop job search strategies through this social network? What are the latest trends and new applications of the tool? How do we get a good position?_ To answer these and other questions: Pedro De Vicente (+Info) exprimiendolinkedin.com Author, and José Díaz Canseco, Socio- Director de The Human Touch y profesor de EAE (+Info)