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28 March





Digitisation and Automation: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

El evento se desarrollará en inglés y se celebrará el día 28 de marzo en Barcelona.

Jueves, 28 de Marzo, 2019 19:00

Today's supply chain decision makers are being bombarded by the widest range of innovations and technological developments, all promising to revolutionise their operations and bring them countless transformative benefits.  How do they navigate that blizzard of new terms to figure out what is right for them?

In this talk, Len Pannett will look at the digitisation tsunami, considering why it is so different from past changes and how to go about implementing the right solutions.  He will take a closer look at one digital innovation that is already changing supply chains and operations: robotic process automation.

Ponente:  Len Pannett

Len Pannett is the Managing Partner with the operations consultancy Visagio. He has helped companies to solve their operational challenges, particularly those regarding supply chain, technology-led change and complex programme management. Those clients include companies such as Rolls-Royce, Nokia, Clarks Shoes, BG Group, Shell, Platinum Equity, Vertiv, the UK government and the European Commission. Len Pannett is also President of the CSCMP UK Roundtable since Sept/2017.


Duración: 90 mins  (Lenguaje: Inglés)

19:00 hrs  - CSCMP Spain Introducción & Presentación de Speaker

19:15 hrs  - Presentation

19:45 hrs  - Q&A

20:00 hrs  - Networking