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15 November




Job search tools - how differentiate us from other candidates? Innovative curriculum

Jueves, 15 de Noviembre, 2012 19:00

The November 15 from 19.00 to 20.30 h. (Spanish UTC/GMT + 1 hour) will take place a new Webinar from talent development organized by the career services and whose objective is to offer tools to improve the employability of students and former students: Webinar job search tools. The session will explain some keys to develop effective and innovative curriculum and some aspects that should be necessarily to express your achievements and objectives in a demonstrable way. Is your CV interesting for those responsible for selection? Which format is the best and most attractive? Is it necessary to publish it on the internet? How do I sent it to the company? Do selection managers perceive my CV? Is the development of the curriculum video useful? You should attach a cover letter? is more important to highlight my education or my professional experience? Speaker Jose Diaz Canseco, partner - Director of The Human Touch and Professor of EAE.