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22 May




Management Conference: ¿How To Motivate Best Employees? - Madrid Campus

Miércoles, 22 de Mayo, 2013 19:00

Next Wednesday, 22 of May, from 19:00 to 20:30 hours will be held at EAE Madrid a new Management Conference: ¿How to motivate best employees? Today there is a war in the business world: to attract and retain the best professionals in the market. Talent management has become a strategic and competitive tool for organizations that increasingly understand that the human resource is the key to achieving their business goals _What are the keys to retain and attract talent? Why most expendable workers cling to their jobs while the key employees are looking for new job opportunities? It is effective do a pay rise? How do we increase loyalty in our best employees?_ To answer these and other questions we will have with us an expert speaker: Juan Manuel Delgado, HR Advisor Lead and Talent & Development Manager at BP OIL Spain&Portugal "(+ INFO)":http://es.linkedin.com/pub/juan-manuel-delgado/10/54a/8b1 The conference will be conducted in English