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27 January





SOFT SKILLS 3rd Skill: Understanding organizations (International Students BCN)

Workshops: 13th and 27th January, 14.30 - 16.00

Viernes, 27 de Enero, 2017 14:30

Getting to know the evolution companies have experienced since the first Industrial Revolution, together with the transformation in the conception of the individual, turns out to be essential in order to become aware of the challenges we are facing nowadays. Complexity and change dominate our lifestyle in which fast-paced activities overrule quiet ones, liquid and fluid patterns prevail over solid and rigid ones. One needs to be faster than any other competitor. Change, if it is perceived as necessary, will be triggered by a new product launch, even when the old one is still valid. To understand about the organization means to understand about the person and how to be a leader for them by being able to interpret correctly each specific situation.

The assistants of the 1st workshop are the same that the assistants of the 2nd workshop. They register only once for both sessions. There are 2 workshops interconnected but different by competition. Maximum of 30 people per workshop.