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21 April





SOFT SKILLS Competence 7: Empathy and collaboration (Full Time English BCN)

Session: 21st April, 14.30-16.00

Viernes, 21 de Abril, 2017 14:30

To collaborate means that, once we’ve overcome our selfish part, we share effort, success and failure in order to achieve a common goal. But, how could this be possible without embracing other people’s point of view and making it our own? Without the capacity to suffer through other people’s suffering, without the willingness to get involved in other people’s effort and without the empathy required by collective work, collaboration will be impossible.

Our career and personal paths will be inextricably determined by the ability to be empathetic and make an impact on society. Empathy works as bridge between “you” and “I”. If everything is right, empathy will result in constructing the necessary “we” at the core of high performance teams.