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22 November




SOTFSKILLS Skill 1: Inspiration and motivation (FT MAD)

The 11th and 22th of November from 14:30pm, will take place on the Campus of Madrid EAE Business School, the first Soft Skill for Full Time programs

Martes, 22 de Noviembre, 2016 14:30

To acknowledge that the only interest which moves people is a material one would be the same as to push us into the background of an insubstantial estate of animal transition. How could we inspire others from the perspective of the attention to oneself? How could we set our heart on a task which is indifferent for us? To inspire means being able to make an impact on others once we have found the spur which sets us in motion. To transcend, through a common goal, is the answer which derives from authentic leadership.

We can carry out a meaningful existence, in a personal realm and in a working area, if we dedicate our lives to projects both self-motivational and focused on the development of all the team members/coworkers.

Registration involves attendance at two sessions.