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02 May




Webconference: Business Angel: Investor, Partner or Traveling Companion?

Jueves, 2 de Mayo, 2013 19:00

One of the keys if we decide to be entrepreneurs is funding the project. With limited access to credit, private funding from investors becomes an increasingly attractive option. The Figure of Business Angel becomes essential because their investment capacity is added to the knowledge and experience that maybe we dont have when we start a business project. _What is a Business Angel? What gives, funding only or also know how? How to present a project if you are seeking funding? What is the best way to connect with them? What Business Angel profile is right for my project? What profile do I need if I want to become Business Angel? What are the main Business Angels nationally and internationally? What country is easier to find funding through a Business Angel?_ To answer these and other questions we will have with us Carlos Blanco, entrepreneur since 1996 and professional with a very extensive professional resume: Founder and CEO of Net IT Group and Akamon among other companies, Mentor and Wayra SeedRocket and reputed Business Angel, with participation in many Internet companies "(+ Info)":http://www.linkedin.com/in/carlosblanco