History, First Steps and Expansion

An overview of the key moments in our history.


  • The Escuela de Administración de Empresas (Business Administration School) —or EAE— is born in Barcelona



  • We are welcomed by the International University Contact.
  • We make it into the European Association of Management Training Centers
  • We organise the 9th I.U.C Congress in Barcelona
  • We set up the EAE Medal



  • We open a new Campus at Avenida de la Catedral de Barcelona
  • The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is created with EAE as a founding member (1973).


  • We become a full member of the Spanish Association of Business Administration School Representatives (AEEDE — for its acronym in Spanish)



  • We become an affiliated centre of Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya in order to teach oficial programmes.
  • We’re approved by the Bar Association
  • We get the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate


2000-2005 Period:

  • We open the new Barcelona campus (Aragó, 55)
     Arago 55

  • We become an affiliated centre of Universidad Camilo José Cela in order to teach oficial programmes in Madrid.
  • We join CLADEA, AACSB and HACU.>/li>
  • We create ForQ together with the most important higher education institutions in Catalunya.



  • We incorporate to Grupo Planeta


  • We subscribe to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) pushed by the United Nations.
  • We create OBS (Online Business School): a joint initiative with Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and the creation of the first online business school in spanish.
  • We officially change our name to EAE Business School.



  • We celebrate our 50th anniversary
  • We open our new Madrid Campus (Menéndez Pidal, 43)
  • We adhere to UN’s Global Compact



  • Barcelona’s Cambra de Comerç gives us an award for our 50 years of corporate history.
  • We launch the 1st hybrid learning programme that combines on-campus, online and remote learning.



  • We become the 1st Spanish Business School to organise a fully online job fair.



  • We open the new campus facilities in Barcelona (Tarragona, 110) to host the students from the University Centre.



  • We open the new campus in Madrid (Joaquin Costa, 41)
     Joaquin Costa
  • We sign an agreement with Universidad de Lleida to start Ostelea, Tourism & Hospitality School.



  • We become an affiliated centre of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in order to teach oficial programmes in Madrid.
  • Alumni EAE is officially created: an initiative pushed forward by students, former students, faculty and the business community.
  • We open EAE’s Educational Innovation Group (GID-EAE), our very own first educational research centre.



  • We Launch EAE Entrepreneur, an ecosystem meant for our students with an entrepreneur spirit.
  • We create our Academic Advisory Boards


  • We open the new Madrid campus facilities (Principe de Vergara, 156)
  • We celebrate the 50th anniversary of our MBA



  • We create EAE Lab: EAE’s business incubator
  • We reposition ourselves as a brand under the claim WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.



  • We launch EAE Investor, the investment and innovation platform for projects and investors from Spain and Latin America.



  • We open the new Barcelona campus facilities (Mallorca) to host students from the University Centre.



  • We create the Work of the Future Centre
  • We launch EAE Women Initiative

     women initiative