Talent for Impact

From now on

Imagine. Imagine a place. But not any place. Imagine a business school. Much more than that. Imagine an ecosystem...

Where talent is neither created nor does it wear away; it is transformed. Where a business venture, doesn’t just venture; it materialises. Where the corporate world and yours are not far apart. On the contrary, they are really close to each other — so close, you can see the impact, the footprint you leave. In society. In the economy. In the surroundings. In yourself.

Imagine it today, here and now.

And from now on, stop imagining.



Our triple commitment

People, Ideas y Business

Careers & Talent

Careers & Talent

It’s the place where our student’s interests and those of the
companies looking for the best candidates come together. To
create this “match”, we lend our experience and assign a group
of consultants who work around the needs of both parts,
considering the reality of the labour market.

Careers & Talent
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

It’s the space for everyone who shares our entrepreneurial
spirit — the spirit that, as a school-of-today, we carry in our
DNA. A space that is made up of dualities: entrepreneurs and
investors, inside and outside, creators and believers, the
impulse and the support. Come and discover both sides of our
ecosystem: Venture and Invest.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Work of the Future

Work of the Future

It’s the meeting point for businesses, institutions and
universities, both at a national and international level — a
space for reflection, research, passing of knowledge and
decision making on the “Work of the Future” and the “Future of
Work”. An initiative that encourages sustainable employability
and good practices, guided by three axes: education, research
and consultancy.

Work of the Future

Our team

They say that if we want to go fast, we have to go alone; but if we want to go far, we have to go together. Nowhere could this be more so than at EAE Business School, where you have a team of professionals working closely with the students, alumni, companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, etc., to create an environment where people and talent, ideas and investors, companies and society, all come together to multiply your professional possibilities.

Do you want to meet us?

Carmen Martos

Carmen Martos

Global Director of Talent for Impact

Somos un equipo formado por especialistas y asesores a tu servicio. ¿Nuestro compromiso? Multiplicar las posibilidades profesionales de los estudiantes de EAE conectándolos con la vida profesional y, paralelamente, identificar el talento que demandan las empresas y la sociedad. 


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Careers Advisor
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