EAE Methodology

An educational experience that makes individual transformation easier and boosts talent.

An educational experience that makes individual transformation easier and boosts talent.

The journey you’re making is as important as the company you’ll have along the way.


With our methodology we want to achieve one simple goal: to offer an educational experience that enables individual transformation and amplifies talent. This will invariably need a model where the students are able to develop autonomous learning capabilities while at the same time having us always by their side. A constantly evolving way of learning, both in the personal and professional areas, that is intrinsically connected with the reality of the here and now.


Una metodología tan sólida como flexible



An inspiring method and the three pillars that support it.


Our learning methodology is in a constant state of evolution. Our way of learning is not made up of any sort of absolute knowledge or immovable structure. It’s liquid, like the business environment, and it builds up on top of itself in order to give answers that are relevant to the present times. Its whole evolution moves around three fundamental pillars that support it: Versatility, Personalisation and Excellence.


Knowledge and practice, inside and outside.

The time when classrooms were limited by 4 walls is over. We’re not only talking about virtual classes and digital environments —which undoubtedly offer endless possibilities and make some things so much easier—, but also about the fact that, already, most of the learning takes place outside the classroom: experiences, contacts, challenges, thoughts, exchanges…

At EAE, we prepare professionals to face life — and life changes all the time. The knowledge we share today will have evolved by tomorrow. And that’s the type of professionals we want our students to become: flexible, dynamic and capable of adapting to any situation and transforming what’s been learned.



To each his own..

The learning process is personal and non-transferable. So, we’re continually finding ways of making our education and training more and better connected with our students’ expectations, with the goal of providing the options that best fit their chosen professional path.

That’s why, at EAE, we’ve created a wide network of contact points that can always be found close by. With this, we offer opportunities for self-reflection and guidance in personalising the learning process of our students and, also, a wide range of options so that each of them gets to build and live their own personalised experience.



The challenge is to remain a non-conformist

We must surround ourselves with the best in order to get the best results. That’s why we have a team of professors that have great professional experience. We also have the most innovative educational models and count with the collaboration of first class companies and institutions.

Quality is present at every level of our model in order to fulfil one goal: prepare the leaders for the needs of the real world of today — Managers that are capable of developing critical thinking and build their own way, but that also have the ability to transform it and evolve, with flexibility and an open and constructive mindset; resilient, proactive, brave, and, above all, humane leaders.