Student Support

Take advantage of our experienced counsellors to help sharpen your career, contact expert recruiters and open doors to the companies that interest you most. Choose the path that leads to your career goals.

Boost your Opportunities

Whether or not you have professional experience, here you have access to all the services and accompaniment you need to progress professionally. Benefit from specialist advice throughout your journey towards employability and join an extensive network of contacts that will expand your opportunities further than ever before.


access an internship through the Professional Careers Service


received new employment offers


improved their salary after their time at EAE in 2018

Ready, Set, Go

Your journey to professional success involves three stages:

Company Meeting


Monthly conferences with multinationals that present their Graduate Programmes in search of future executives.

EAE Talent


An extensive schedule of activities to put students on Full-Time programs in contact with companies in different sectors.

International Talent Program


Personalized guidance for people keen to develop their professional career beyond our borders.

Recruiting Day


An annual meeting point for students and headhunters specializing in personnel selection.

Round tables headhunters


The key factors required by executive profiles to continue making progress. 


EAE Building Leaders

EAE Building Leaders is a specialized program that identifies the potential candidates sought by the talent recruiters of leading multinationals and prepares them to succeed in their selection processes.

Talented and skilled students will form part of the select group of candidates demanded by the leading companies and multinationals thanks to an innovative testing and preparation platform that enables us to train future executives, anticipating the needs to the market. If multinationals are looking for talent, why don’t we make sure that they find you?

The companies that take part in the program include the following:

MBA Path

MBA students have access to a tailored career plan, with personalized training and accompaniment services that multiply your professional opportunities and enhance your projection to all corners of the globe. MBA Path gives you the chance to take part in a number of sessions and meeting with headhunters, enabling you to build a fantastic network of contacts.


The resources to which you have access include the following: