Master of International Business

executive MBA


This program will be conducted in English.

The Master of International Business in Spain (MIB) is a program with a particular focus on the international aspects of management needed in today’s business world. The program integrates studies in all of the areas of business activity in a quest to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment. The MIB is underpinned by the four fundamental elements of a successful international business education, crucial for establishing roles in today’s multinational and multicultural firms involved in the constantly evolving world of global business: Functional methods and techniques; Personal development; The importance of strategic information decision-making; Creativity and innovation.

No businessperson can develop their full creative potential in isolation. With this in mind, the MIB combines academic excellence with an in-depth practical knowledge of business and business planning. In addition, our students are also offered a wide range of corporate visits, meetings and lectures with managers and top executives from successful corporations.

Reasons for doing EAE’s MIB (Master of International Business in Spain):

Puntos Clave


International Residential Program

On completing the tuition period in Barcelona and Madrid, students have the option of doing a two-week residential program placement at Pace University (New York). This program is available at an additional charge to the student




The Business Game experience enables students to create and manage their own company by testing their abilities and knowledge acquired during the first part of the program. A contest will take place among classmates, in which participants will have to act as a real entrepreneur and succeed.





International Faculty

Some of the contents of certain courses are taught by lecturers from EAE's partner universities and business schools


Conferences for specific industries

This series of conferences is led by top-level business directors, who share their experiences and knowledge



More than 85% of students are international, which gives a valuable multicultural approach to the various disciplines addressed during the program


International Business Plan

Drafting an International Business Plan is a key element of the MIB program. In its development, participants must consider the influence of various functional areas on the viability of a future business project and define the future business strategy.


International Talent Program

This program is designed to give international EAE students maximum visibility among the multinational partner companies, through activities such as conferences in international companies, with managers and HR experts, or Employment Workshops.


Employment Report

96% of the MIB students who applied for internship or internship managed to get one.

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