Annual Report

EAE Annual Report

Our Annual Report gives a precise snapshot of the School and the professional projection of our students. Check it out to get a real overview of EAE based on proven data.

If you would rather keep on reading, we will give you a few arguments taken from the Annual Report that emphasize why studying at EAE is a great option:

1. We are committed to your professional development

We strive to enhance your professional growth, generate the ideal academic setting, open up professional doorways for you and boost your capacities to the maximum. Our commitment to you forms part of our DNA.

We boost your employability

When it comes to getting the job you are looking for, you need to take off with a boost from a good launchpad.

This year, we have processed over 7,000 employment offers to work in more than 40 countries and in 30 different sectors, thanks to a network of Partner companies that now includes over 5,300 members in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. We also organize a full schedule of recruiting events held at our campuses.

These statistics have enabled us to increase our students’ employability and the ROI on their Masters (as highlighted by Bloomberg and QS), as well as improving the employment figures revealed in our annual Employment Report.

We promote entrepreneurship

EAE is a true laboratory when grand entrepreneurship formulas originate with the help of services including EAE Entrepreneur, the EAE Lab business incubator and events such as Venture Day.

2. We have an international vocation

At our campuses, different realities and business environments live alongside each other, all sharing an educational approach that equips you to work on a global scale.

Global vision

EAE’s global perspective is reflected in the focus of our programs, the residential programs in destinations as diverse as New York and India, the international accreditations that certify our quality, and the network of relations that we have built with companies and educational institutions all over the world, including universities as prestigious as Berkeley.

Your classroom, the world

To study at EAE is to immerse yourself in a multicultural atmosphere, where you share experiences with really diverse backgrounds. Students from more than 100 countries have studied in our classrooms and 35% of our lecturers are international, coming from twenty different countries. In addition, we are increasing the number of programs taught in English.

3. We offer the best training solution

EAE is more than just a good range of tuition programs. It is a learning project that equips you with resources to grow personally and professionally.

Made-to-measure formats

You have access to an extensive range of programs run in various formats, to ensure that you can study whatever your pace of life and timetable, You can choose from in-person, remote and hybrid learning programs, which combine periods of online learning with periods on campus, applying the North American methodology of majors and minors, characterized by great freedom in terms of choosing specialization programs.

Networking & Soft Skills revolution

We offer an experience that extends far beyond the classroom through our business and social networking programs. We also improve our students’ technical competences and the skills required by the executives of the future through our Soft Skills program. Last but not least, we nourish your professional growth with a diverse range of workshops, conferences and events as important as our Annual Alumni Reunion, with participants as acclaimed as Jonas Kjellberg (Founder of Skype).

4. From research towards excellence

Designing programs that cater for companies’ needs, anticipating the future, training executives with the power to understand the world, all this is much easier when research is the driving force behind your progress.

The context matters

We are committed to the intellectual development of our students, lecturers and researchers, equipping them with the tools they need for their work and creating a stimulating intellectual environment.

At the cutting edge

The School has seven active research groups and two dissemination centres. Our lecturers have produced an extensive output in the field of academic research, with the publication of several papers, case studies, articles and books. Moreover, we take part in international congresses to present and share our knowledge.