The Link to the Business World

Because, at EAE, university and business are not worlds apart.

We’re a Business School that lives in the present and, as such, we couldn’t imagine an educational methodology that isn’t open to the business reality in which we live. Not only we are open to it, but we are a part of it and, in turn, that reality is an essential part of our ecosystem.

Our value comes from keeping that constant interaction alive so that the professionals that we train can transfer their knowledge into the companies and vice versa. That connection is in our DNA and it’s been with us since our first steps as a School.

And, as you may have imagined, this connection is constantly being updated and has grown stronger with time, allowing professionals just like you to become part of the core of our corporate partners’ businesses.



The 5 Keys to Fostering Our Business Pulse

Being part of Planeta Formación y Universidades.

EAE Business School is part of Planeta Formación y Universidades — one of the biggest educational groups in the world—, which means we have a direct connection to innovation and progress in education. A vocation of service to society that results in the greatest connection between the labour market’s reality and the professionals —current and future— that will transform it.

Somos parte de Planeta Formación y Universidades.

An Active Faculty.

70% of our faculty balance their life between their academic and professional activities. Besides being researchers that bring relevant knowledge through their studies and publications, their professional reality is also poured into the classrooms since they hold executive positions and they have an in-depth knowledge of the business context.

Un profesorado en activo.

Programmes that Are Designed and Kept Updated in Collaboration with Great Companies.

We always seek advice from EAE’s Advisory Board —made up of executives from leading companies— who are also present in the design of the main guidelines of our programmes and who also make sure we keep ourselves constantly updated. In this way, we can always guarantee the quality and innovation of our educational community. Their knowledge, vision and specialisation in each of the different sectors provide us with the market orientation we need.

Un profesorado en activo.

A Department that Acts as a Partner to the Corporate World.

Through EAE’s Professional Careers department, we have reached more than 6.200 agreements with companies so far and we have been organising events, workshops and talks with different companies year after year. Through a team of advisers, we help the students design a career plan that fits their needs and, at the same time, we help recruiters from companies in the search for the right candidates.

Un departamento aliado al mundo corporativo.

The Work of the Future Centre.

Our very own educational and applied research institute is the meeting point for companies, institutions and universities, both national and international, and it focuses its studies on the impact of the current and changing socio economic setting. Besides boosting sustainable employability in fragile, uncertain and digital environments, it’s a space for reflection, research, the passing of knowledge and decision-making on the “Work of the Future” and the “Future of Work”.

Work of the Future Centre

These are some of the great companies we collaborate with