Welcome from the Managing Director

More than 60 years making it

I would like to take a moment to present our project. EAE is an international business school that has been training executives since 1958. Over the years, more than 77,000 professionals from all five continents have placed their trust in us, coming from companies, institutions and organizations all over the world.
Our mission is to train professionals equipped to lead organizations in any field sustainably, through programs that combine practical contents and participant-centred services. We offer you tuition in which you take centre stage, ensuring that you can apply what you learn in your professional life and develop your talent both inside and outside the classroom.
Our way of understanding training has led to us rank among the best business schools in the world. However, the truest demonstration of our success is the work of the professionals and executives trained at EAE and the high levels of student satisfaction.
Our achievements encourage us to continue on our quest for academic excellence.
We believe in the exchange of knowledge: we are accessible, eager to share experiences with national and international faculties and partners, and certain of the importance of creating environments that are conducive to triggering the spark of knowledge and success.
Current and former students, lecturers, partner companies and institutions, and other partners all make your contribution towards building this project. Please accept my thanks.