Two Cities, Two Campuses, One Unique Experience.

Some places need no introduction. But then there are Barcelona and Madrid, which are always deserving of a few words.


Spain as a brand is widely known across the globe, but it isn’t until you step into this land and visit the different places that you come to really discover its very essence. A country full of flavour, art, tangible history in each of its regions, each with its own particular culture, its weather and its people who will be delighted to meet you. Come to EAE Business School and let yourself get soaked with what Spain has in store for you.






Barcelona is a cultural capital that combines tradition and modernity in all of their variations, always accompanied by a vast mediterranean cuisine and a welcoming weather. We especially recommend the following:


- The Bunkers: A Natural Setting Steeped in History.

It’s a magnificent 360º panoramic viewing point located at the top of Turó de la Rovira at El Carmel neighbourhood, near the famous Park Güell. From up there you will be able to see Barcelona in its entirety. During the Spanish Civil War, it was an anti aircraft battery whose main objective was to protect the city from the attacks of the Italian fascists’ aircrafts.


- MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.

This museum, located at the heart of the Raval neighbourhood, puts the spotlight on Catalan contemporary art in order to arouse the critical spirit and an interest for contemporary art and culture that’s born from the transformative drive of people and society.


- Calçotada: A true Catalan Gastronomic Reunion.

This gastronomic tradition goes beyond the typical Catalan dish. A Calçotada gets good company and good products together. It consists of a variety of grilled tender onions (calçots) accompanied by romesco sauce and a Catalan sausage called butifarra. Grown in a peculiar way (covering the edible part with earth, which in the Catalan language is called calçar, which means “to put your shoes on”) and eaten in a peculiar way as well, this delicacy becomes a true moment full of flavour and fun.







The capital city is alive, open and exciting and it combines study, work and pleasure all in their right measure. It has a wide range of cultural highlights and leisure opportunities —too many to try and make a list— and its people will make you feel right at home from the first moment you step into the city.

Our Highlights:

- El Retiro Park: The Lungs and Heart of Madrid.

Declared a Garden of Historic and Artistic Value, its origins go back to the reign of Philip IV of Spain. One of its most breathtaking sites is the great pond that holds the monument of Alfonso XII, but you can go to any corner of the park and discover that everything vibrates with life, from social encounters to sports practices. It’s undoubtedly a space where time stops and energy gets renewed.

- Matadero Madrid: A Centre for Contemporary Creation.

Located in the city’s old slaughterhouse and livestock market, it’s a renovated facility that holds great heritage and architectural value. It has now been turned into a cultural space with countless contemporary choices. A creation centre in which every form of artistic expression has its place.

- Cocido Madrileño: The Capital’s Top Dish.

The calamari sandwiches in Plaza Mayor or eating tapas on a terrace would already put Madrid high up on any visitor’s list. But it’s really in the traditional home-made style where the magic happens. The “Madrid Stew” is a three-course meal made up of soup, chickpeas and meat. The first one is served with noodles; the second one, with vegetables; and, finally, the meat.

Welcome to EAE’s Barcelona and Madrid Campuses.


Hello, Madrid Campus!




We have two modern buildings at the heart of the financial district (41 Joaquin Costa st. and 156 Príncipe de Vergara st.) that are equipped with the necessary educational technology and infrastructure that you need to reach your full potential in a city that’s the best place to create a good contacts network.


Hello, Barcelona Campus!



Located at the heart of the city (55 Aragó st., 27 Mallorca st. and 110 Tarragona st.), it offers all the needed equipment to develop your academic life in a city that’s the most attractive choice for companies that hold innovation as their greatest value.


EAE Business School is as restless and dynamic as the two cities where it thrives. Two different campuses with one shared vision: driving talent that meets no limits, here and now.

Having both campuses at the heart of such powerful cities enables the EAE experience to grow exponentially and to benefit from mutual feedback and from the best that each place has to offer.

And being at the heart of the economic and business centre, our students will always find a wide range of professional and life opportunities.

The only thing left to do is for you to come and find out for yourself.