International delegations


The Lima delegation was the first EAE delegation outside Spain. It was founded in 2003 as part of our firm commitment to access and foster the human qualities and creativity of young Peruvian talents looking for training options that enables them to grow professionally and, at the same time, develop an international career.

This office serves EAE graduates in Peru, as well as anybody interested in the range of university, Master and MBA programs run by EAE Business School.

Avenida Juan de Aliaga 427, 7mo piso, Edificio Prisma Tower, Magdalena, Lima.
Tel.: + 51 (1) 421-2383



EAE Business School has been running educational activities in Colombia for more than 30 years through various partnership agreements with different universities and business schools in the country. When we opened our delegation in Bogotá in 2005, we already felt at home. Since then, we have been offering services and information to lots of Colombian graduates, as well as to any candidates interested in our university, Master and MBA programs.


Calle 76 No. 11-35 Piso 6, Bogotá, Colombia
Tel. + 57 (1) 432 54 51
Bogotá, Colombia

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