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What’s Each Second Made Of?


At EAE we know that we steer the future from the present moment. If we want to make an impact tomorrow, we must start today. Right now. With each tick. With each tock.



However, as simple as this may seem, it actually hides great complexity; a perfect mechanism that gives meaning to each instant: our community.


Alumnos EAE



An ecosystem made up of a group of interconnected spheres that fit in, interact and work together and in coordination.

People, companies, international partners and leading initiatives meet in this creative greenhouse with one challenge in mind: driving professional and personal development in every member of our environment.




This connection, this common heartbeat, that’s what gives place to new ideas, opportunities and experiences that are based on knowledge, on the critical and innovative spirit and in the will to carry out a sustainable and tangible transformation.

Each part is fundamental. There’s no minor piece. They all fit to perfection and, as you might have imagined, without any of these pieces none of our goals could be possible.

It’s what makes the present so attractive: in order to experience it, we must make it happen.


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