The most rewarding thing about an experience is that others can also live it.

Sharing has many rewards.

If you are part of EAE, there is no doubt that you are an active, curious and social person. Now. Would you like to get benefits for it?

EAE Ambassadors is the platform where members of our Community (students, alumni, faculty, employees...) can win prizes and recognition for sharing their experience with others through different actions and activities.

In a natural and simple way, the EAE Ambassadors perform work of influence in their social circles: interacting and publishing on social networks, sharing their participation in School events, attending our activities, leaving interesting reviews, participating in interviews, making improvement proposals...

And best of all, you get rewarded for it!

Fill out our form, register on the platform and in just a few minutes you can start taking advantage of all the advantages of being an EAE Ambassador.


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ME GUSTA en posts de Facebook de EAE Business School


Comentar posts de Facebook de EAE Business School


Compartir posts de Facebook de EAE Business School


Mencionar en Instagram a @eae_bs en un comentario


Etiquetar o mencionar en Instagram a @eae_bs en una foto


Etiquetar o mencionar en Instagram a @eae_bs en un vídeo



Review en Google o Trustpilot sobre nuestra Escuela


Prescribir perfiles como potenciales nuevos embajadores. ¡Queremos que la Red crezca!


Repostear o publicar en LinkedIn las actividades o artículos de EAE Business School o si asistes a un evento de la Escuela y nos mencionas.


Participación como ponente en Eventos de la Escuela (Aplica a profesores y antiguos alumnos)


Recomiendas o refieres a perfiles interesados en programas de EAE


Participación en entrevista o testimoniales para nuestros canales, compartiendo tu experiencia en la Escuela (Aplica a alumnos y antiguos alumnos)


Tu contacto recomendado se matricula en un Programa EAE

¡Y lo mejor de todo: recibes recompensas por ello!

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