Improving your experience also involves providing you with services that ensure your time at EAE really make sense and encourage you to explore a vibrant learning community. 


At EAE, we want you to feel at home right from the start. With this in mind, we organize a Welcome program that gives you some valuable tips about how the School and your program operate, giving you your first contact with some of the members of the academic faculty and your future classmates.

We look forward to seeing you.



Social Networking
Actos Académicos


Leisure, cultural and sporting activities complement your academic experience, giving you the perfect opportunity to make friends and take care of your physical and mental health. 


Our academic events are an excellent way to cultivate your relationships with your classmates and other professionals

Business Networking

We organize a wide range of events and platforms for students, professionals and companies to meet and work together, where opportunities arise and great personal relationships take root. 

Innovations Meetings 

 Innovations Meetings 

Sessions that give you an insight into the latest trends in innovation, technology and employment culture (aimed at Part-Time/Weekend and EMBA students) that may many formats: 

  • Innovation Discussions, with the speakers explaining their project. 

  • Open Sessions, where open debate is generated. 

  • Connecting. A networking session in a more informal atmosphere. 


Networking for Executives 

The exclusive meeting point for Executive MBA students that stimulates professional synergies and joint entrepreneurial ventures. 

Executives Around the World 

The experience of executives from leading companies at an international scale, now within your reach. 

Sector activities

Special sessions focusing on different economic and professional sectors. 

Cross-profile activities with third parties

When we take part in key national conferences and congresses, we foster networking outside the classroom

Soft Skills Development

Are you ready to work in a world in which innovation, creativity and adaptability are now essential qualities? Are you prepared to develop the competences required by the leaders of the future? EAE’s Soft Skills programs rounds of your tuition with the strategic development of your personal competences. 

Make the most of our Self-Leadership Program, designed to develop your executive capacities based one self-awareness. Perfect your communication skills and empathy, learn to generate confidence and interact more effectively with the members of your work team. 

The program consists of 4 main modules underpinned by an in-house analysis of what it takes to be a great group or corporate leader: 

  • Self-awareness as the foundation of leadership 
  • How I relate to others 
  • Key strategies for action
  • How I work with others 

Academic Faculty

Mónica Díaz

Coordinadora del campus de Madrid

Main coaches

Academic Faculty

Pilar Mestre

Coordinadora en el campus de Barcelona

Main coaches

No title

If you think that other people’s wellbeing is also your concern and you want to help to make the world you live in a better place without expecting anything in return, we run a number of charity initiatives on which your help would be very welcome. 

Blood donation campaign (Red Cross and the Blood and Tissue Bank) 

Food collection (Food Banks in Madrid and Barcelona) 

Charity book drive (AIDA Books & More) 


Make the most of your graduation ceremony, the event that celebrates the effort, commitment and dedication of each new graduating class at EAE, accompanied by your families and friends as you get the recognition of the academic panels, Program Directors and faculty members. Celebrate the culmination of a journey filled with effort and achieving your objectives as you receive your graduation sash