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If you are searching for an ecosystem in which you can start growing your business, look no further. We give you access to all the resources you need to give free rein to your entrepreneurial spirit.

Are you an Entrepreneur? - EAE Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial initiative needs stimuli to make projects. With this in mind, we have created EAE Entrepreneur. Its benefits? Training, Financing and accompaniment at hand whenever you need it.

Entrepreneur Profile

At EAE, the entrepreneurial spirit is always present and it knows no borders. Most of our entrepreneurs have at least five years’ professional experience.


average age of our entrepreneurs students 


years' average professional experience


different nationalities

Partner Companies


Take advantage of our cross-disciplinary training programs to get guidance and learn more about the different areas of entrepreneurship:

EAE Entrepreneur Experience


How does a startup take shape? The answers to all the queries that you have when embarking on the challenge of an entrepreneurial venture can be found in these sessions run by experts.

Interim Management


This service helps you get your project up and running, offering specialist advice for functional areas such as marketing, technology, strategy, sales, finance and legal, among others.

Workshop Responsible Entrepreneurs


Workshops that focus on responsible entrepreneurship and cover topics such as the value proposition, sustainability, customers, the market, financing, etc.

Legal Helpdesk


The essential legal information required by entrepreneurs from experts in commercial, tax and employment considerations, the law on new technologies, international law, etc.



A forum where you can learn about the failures and successes of other entrepreneurs, who share their experience and inspire the participants to lead and drive change.


At EAE LAB, you have access to all the resources you need to launch your entrepreneurial venture:

The business incubator that boosts the development of our students’ entrepreneurial projects. A mentoring, guidance and training initiative with the end goal of connecting entrepreneurs with investors and Business Angels.

The services offered to the projects include:

  • Use of equipment.

  • Legal, administrative, accounting and employment and financial advice.

  • Training on Lean and Design Thinking methodologies in area such as sales, legal and finance, among others.

  • Monthly Coaching and mentoring sessions.

  • Liquid Building: services that provide support throughout the first steps of creating companies in the different functional areas.

  • Networking: the incubator organizes conferences, project presentations and meetings with entrepreneurs, companies and institutions.

  • Talks with successful entrepreneurs and investors.

  • You are appointed a specialist tutor to guide you throughout the five-month incubation period.



Becoming an entrepreneur is easier when you have help to take the first few steps. Use of business incubator services to boost your projects.

The entrepreneurial projects selected for this business adventures all have business plans validated by the organizing committee. The Directors of EAE Lab have chosen them based on:

Entrepreneurs Club

Entrepreneurs Club

The meeting point for current and former students interested in entrepreneurship. A forum with monthly sessions for sharing experiencing and fully embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, with the constant support of the conference speakers and guest professionals who come to present their projects.

This is the ideal platform for you to discover the most innovative ideas and latest initiatives in an atmosphere that facilitates networking and brings entrepreneurs, investors and advisors together all in the same place.


of EAE students are entrepreneurs


projects incubated in the EAE LAB in 2018

Networking Events

Mariano Torrecilla
Visita a Byld 
Financiación a start-ups
Visita a South Summit 

Visit to Google Campus Madrid

The entrepreneurs at EAE Lab visited the Google Campus in Madrid, one of the Madrid’s most active and reputable entrepreneurship ecosystems. Karel Escobar and Camila Polensvaig (Tetuan Valley) gave them an explanation of the incubation process that they apply to the startups incubated at the campus.

Visit to the startup Crowdfarming

The EAE Lab entrepreneurs visited the office of the startup Crowdfarming and Gonzalo Úrculo (CEO and Co-Founder) gave them an overview of the disruption that is taking place in terms of business models in a sector as important as agriculture at a global level.

Session with Mariano Torrecilla at EAE Lab

Mariano Torrecilla, an entrepreneur and trainer, shared his knowledge and personal experience of Blockchain at EAE Lab. In addition, the entrepreneurs had the chance to hear from Mariano about the latest developments in relation to the launch of his latest project, stockproject.io.

Visit to Byld

On this occasion, we visited the offices of Byld, a company that connects startups and large corporations. We had the opportunity to present their projects to get feedback from the Byld team.

Startup financing session at EAE Lab 

Elena García, the Director of Bstartup Madrid at Banco Sabadell, ran a session at EAE Lab focusing on financing alternatives for startups. We entrepreneurs gained a first-hand insight into the criteria a project must meet in order for a bank to see it as an interesting investment opportunity.

Visit to South Summit

With his team, the student on the International MBA (IMBA) at EAE Business School, Fabián Barrero, received the Special BBVA Award for his response to the challenge set at the South Summit Hackathon, one of the largest events in Southern Europe for entrepreneurs and investors.

Are you an investor? - EAE Investor

EAE Investor capitalizes on a consolidates network of contacts connected to EAE Alumni and various partnership agreements with other organizations and groups of investors, to bring you the most innovative and profitable ideas. The result is a platform that contains a collection of entrepreneurial ventures to give users the chance to choose the project that best suits their investment needs.

The platform works in the following way:

Sessions for investors and entrepreneurs

Make the most of our sessions for investors and entrepreneurs give you an insight into financing your projects and keep you up-to-date with the latest investment trends.

Business Angels Academy

  • Business Angels Academy: everything you need to know about investing in startups, from the latest trends to the most suitable types of investment for each venture, in as session that enables participants to share their experiences.
  • Round Tables on Financing: panels with investment experts who give entrepreneurs an insight into the particular features of the different channels of financing: banks, public, venture capital, business angels, crowdfunding and innovation grants, etc.

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Register on our platform and access all the innovative projects currently in the investment round phase.