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Your determination is a source of inspiration for ours

Our challenge is to run a sustainable organisation that supports the global and continuous professional development of women and we make it happen through a community that fosters education and knowledge in order to promote equal opportunities and bring about the change that society today is calling for.

Women Initiative

“At EAE, we work to guarantee equal opportunities — diversity is one of the core values of our school and our commitment to the professional development of women, a priority.”


Head of Marketing & Communication


What We Do:


  • We create a space for dialogue where we share and exchange knowledge on the evolution of women’s leadership in businesses.
  • We make women’s networking more dynamic through events and campaigns that foster inclusion and diversity.
  • We support women’s leadership through mentoring services that motivate our current and future candidates before, during and after the EAE experience.
  • We arrange meetings with leaders from organisations, faculty and companies that inspire the professional development of women, no matter their area of expertise or the point they may be in life.

It’s been a long way,

and there’s still much more to go.


of the current students are women


of the women students from 2020 are now on managerial positions


of the Faculty are women


of EAE Alumni are women


of current students working in companies are women


of them got there through our Professional Careers Service

made by women



Knowledge as a gateway to the world


EAE’s Strategic Research Centre: Reports on women’s leadership, diversity and sustainability.

Women: A Global Perspective 2020

Author: Cristina Ruiz Gutiérrez

EAE Business School has published the study: “Women: A Global Perspective 2020. Report on Gender Equality in Europe, Latin America and Spain”. This study shows the long way to go in order to reach real equality between men and women, presenting alarming numbers regarding hours worked but nor paid, women in the tech industry and differences in leadership positions between men and women. Lastly, it presents the number of women entrepreneurs in the different countries and the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Perspectiva global de la mujer 2020


Cristina Ruiz Gutierrez

Cristina Ruiz Gutierrez

Associate Development Manager of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and collaborator professor at EAE Business School

Bachelor in journalism. Master in Spanish and Hispanic Literature at Universitat de Barcelona. Doctoral student of the Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Programme at the Philology and Communication Department of Universitat de Barcelona.



Our Stories

Talent that breaks with anything that’s come before

Former students’ stories — as real and palpable as the change they inspire.

Clara Duarte
Meet Clara Duarte and how she made her way in the HR world and now does a fascinating job.
Meet Diana Sofía Cabrera and how her ability to analyse data is now put to the service of helping her company reach their business goals.
Maria Trujillo
Meet María Trujillo and how she managed to reinvent herself in order to redirect her professional path towards the HR sector and the business culture.

Start Your Own Business

Entrepreneur, start your journey with EAE.

Support for women who look to start their own journey and make an impact.

Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

EAE Entrepreneur has been driving the entrepreneurial spirit of our students since 2017, boosting the development of their ideas and projects through initiatives like EAE LAB. Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio —Director of EAE Entrepreneur— and Carmen Pumariño —Director of EAE Investor— are the two women in charge that joined forces to manage the areas of entrepreneurship and investment.

Do you want to learn more about this?


Because your ideas deserve exposure

Two scholarships to boost your potential: Schneider’s Women Director and Entrepreneur.


Together we’re stronger.


The dream, the excitement and the passion have brought us together in this project for impact: ‘Made by Women for Everyone’

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