Mission and Goals

Your Goals, Our Objectives 

At EAE Alumni, we form part of a community that is all sailing on the same ship, where progress is reciprocal. Every time you advance a step further, you drive us forward too and we fulfil our mission a little more. In view of these shared goals ,we accompany you throughout you your professional career and continue to offer you added value even after you finish your studies. 

For you to reach your goals, we have set four key objectives:

  • Helping you to update your knowledge and professional competences.
  • Promoting networking by organizing conferences, seminars, employment forums, working breakfasts and other regular events.
  • Providing support for your professional career, giving you advice and guidance.
  • Raising EAE’s profile among the business community.

Our Mission, Your Future

Our objectives are also aligned with EAE’s mission: training professionals equipped to lead organizations in all sectors sustainably, through programs that effectively combine practical contents and participant-centred services. 

The essence of this philosophy is embodied in the achievements of many of the members of our community, formed by leaders and entrepreneurs who have grown as professionals and people firmly committed to society. They are all the raw material of EAE Alumni.

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