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Program Description

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This program will be conducted in English.

In a globalized, and increasingly competitive economy, companies require to survive in the market, to make continuous improvements in levels of efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility, maintaining and improving the level of service to customers. One of the most critical areas in companies that can help us to achieve these goals is the Operations and, particularly, Supply Chain Management End-to-End (from suppliers to customers ). In this environment, that requires maximum cost efficiency and flexibility to unforeseen changes in demand, professional management of the supply chain becomes a vital competitive tool for companies to provide differential value to their customers, and to be profitable.

The Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics provides an overview of the supply chain with a multidisciplinary approach, and an optimal combination of content design and planning and implementation and management.

The program enables participants to successfully develop positions in the operations area, and provides the professional versatility needed to cope with guarantees in the areas of Purchasing, Planning, Production, Logistics and Distribution. It is a program designed to enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

Al finalizar el máster, los alumnos tienen la opción de realizar una estancia residencial de dos semanas de duración en Amsterdam School of International Business (EPAS accredited) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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Top reasons for doing EAE’s Business School Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics:


Puntos Clave



The Professional Careers service is focused on guiding and accompanying students to achieve their professional goals and matching their expectations and interests with the jobs market.


International Talent Program

The program aimed at students seeking international professional development, in order to give them maximum visibility amongst the multinational companies collaborating with EAE. Activities are therefore organised such as the Employment Workshops, interviews with head hunters and access is given to international selection consultants around the world.


Operations and Logistics Advisory Board

The master study plan is carried out along with the Advisory Board of the Operations and Logistics area, formed by 25 professionals from companies like Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango, Grupo Puig, and others.



EAE in Rankings

In the Top 90 of the best Supply Chain master’s degrees in the world (Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Worldwide 2016-2017).  Outstanding among the 78 best masters in the area of ​​Operations and Logistics in the world in 2019.






EAE, a school certified by the CSCMP

EAE Business School is a business school certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals to give Supply Chain Management programs.


SCPRO certification

The study plan and the teaching materials of the master’s degree are designed for students who so wish to successfully take the SCPro Level 1 examination.





Visits to companies

The program includes the development of the Logistics Plan throughout the Master and visits to companies specializing in Supply Chain Management, making it the most practical and comprehensive program on offer.


Business Networking

On the Business Networking cycle, students will attend a series of meetings with professionals from large companies and other EAE students, thanks to which the participants have the chance to expand their network of professional contacts.


Operations and Logistics Plan

The treatment of the subjects comes together in a Final Project tutored throughout the program, which consists of making a plan on the Operations area and specifically on the supply chain management. The master final work therefore focuses on making a business intervention project focus on designing and starting up a supply chain management plan, levered on a specific area of action.


Soft Skills program

The Soft Skills program is intended to help participating professionals complete their training with the strategic mobilisation of their personal skills. It includes ten independent monthly workshops organised along the Emotional Skills Model.





Major + Minor

EAE has started up the North American Major and Minor methodological system for the first time in Spain, in the place of the traditional optional subject method.




International Residential Program

At the end of the study period, students will have the chance to do a two-week residential stay at the Amsterdam School of International Business (EPAS accredited) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This residential stay comes at an additional cost for students.




EAE is enterprising

The aim is to give the necessary resources and environment for enterprising students from EAE to develop new business ideas. We accompany the needs of the entrepreneurs and investors, as well as those of our students and researchers.  Some of the particular services we offer are Training, Financing and Accompaniment for EAE’s enterprising students.


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