Miércoles, 17 de Septiembre, 2014

On Tuesday 16th September, we gave a warm welcome to the new students taking part on the Eramus and Study Abroad programmes, who will be studying at EAE Business School for a semester or for the whole year on the School’s degree programme.

The programmes involve 68 new students from 18 different countries, who will study in both English and Spanish. The country with the highest number of participants on the programmes is France, all of whom come from various partner institutions of EAE, as well other universities and education centres at which they have studied previously.

Nuevos alumnos Erasmus y Study Abroad EAE

During the welcome presentation, all of the participants were given all of the necessary information to make their stay at EAE and in Barcelona as comfortable and rewarding as possible: legal procedures in Spain, introduction to the School, how the Virtual Campus operates, etc. Last but not least, they were given help to choose the subjects that they are going to take at EAE over the next few months, all with the support of Andrés de Andrés, The Degree Programme Director, Albert Arisó, Director of the Teaching Innovation Group and Federica Garuti, International Relations Manager at EAE Business School.

All that remains for us to do is wish them an enjoyable stay and give them a very warm WELCOME!