Jueves, 25 de Febrero, 2016

On Wednesday 24th February, at the Campus de Madrid de EAE Business School a presentation was held of the Challenge Programme of the energy company BP in Spain and Portugal. Juan Manuel Delgado, Director of Human Resources at BP, Carlos Goncer (RRHH de BP) and José Manuel Pascual (Graduate of the Challenge Programme) gave the numerous attendees an explanation of the characteristics of the programme and the professional projection opportunities that it offers.


The first part of the presentation focused on an overview of the company and its human capital: 1,100 people in Spain and Portugal (Madrid, Lisbon and the refinery in Castellón) who process over 6 million tonnes of oil each year. Sharing some insight into this side of the business with the attendees was fundamental if they really want to present the vacancies on this Talent Programme. The culture of a company like BP is comprised of values such as security, respect for diversity, excellence, courage and a spirit of partnership - One Team, as well as and its social commitments.

Challenge Programme at BP Iberia


After describing the company, Juan Manuel Delgado went on to list the characteristics of this postgraduate project, which will remain open until the end of February 2016. This is a highly demanding programme designed for people with relevant experience and the capacity for continuous learning and influence; competent and motivated profiles for whom geographical mobility is no obstacle, but rather an opportunity.

It is a rigorous programme that lasts for three years and which is monitored at all times by the company’s management team. In this respect, Juan Manuel Delgado explained that “the reward is extremely great, which is why so much is demanded”.

José Miguel Pascual joined the first edition of the programme Challenges Iberograduates 2016. The civil engineer is just about to complete his training on the programme and he gave the attendees some insight into his experience on BP’s Challenges Programme. “The key to the learning process has been trying to rely on your colleagues for support and to learn from them, for people to feel at ease around you and not see you as a threat”.

BP is looking for the perfect candidate to become a future leader of the company, somebody who can add value, have knowledge of different areas of the company and be able to develop their skills fully. This practical experience is underpinned by a perfectly structured learning programme designed to help build all of the competencies, develop practical skills, acquire knowledge and consolidate the lessons learned each day.